I am currently a PhD student in first year in School of Electronic Imformation and Communications at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, under the supervision by Prof. Xinge You. My research interests include Deep learning, Fine-grained categorization, and Content-based image retrieval(CBIR).


  • 2019.01.09, one paper is accepted by Information Sciences.
  • 2018.10.10, one paper is accepted by ACTA AUTOMATICA SINICA(自动化学报).
  • Publications

    Semi-Supervised Feature Learning for Improving Writer Identification

    Shiming Chen, Yisong Wang, Chin-Teng Lin, Weiping Ding, Zehong Cao.

    A Robust Offline Writer Identification Method

    Shiming Chen, Yisong Wang.



  • 2018 Academic Scholarship(Special Grade).
  • 2017 Academic Scholarship(Grade 3).
  • 2014 China Undergraduate Mathematical Modeling Contest (Grade 2).
  • Services

  • Reviewer of IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: SystemsIEEE Access.
  • Links to my mentors and friends

    Prof. Chin-Teng Lin(UTS, Australia, IEEE Fellow),    Prof. Weiping Ding(NTU, China),    Prof. Zehong Cao(UTS, Australia),    Prof. Yisong Wang(GZU, China),    Dr. Zhedong Zheng(UTS, Australia),    Dr. Yaxing Wang(UAB, Span),    Dr. Vicent Christlein(FAU, Germany),